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Wash, don't repaint

Picture Series
Our WC-15 (E) ™ non-stick,
easy-cleaning, coatings provide a
safe and more durable alternative
to toxic anti-fouling coatings. After
one year in the Mediterranean, the
owner cleaned the hull with just
low pressure water spray
and a hand brush.

This Web Site is your source for information about our tough, spray-on, non-stick Fluorinated Polyurethane (FPUTM) coatings. We manufacture these patented coatings, which were originally developed for military applications, under licenses from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). FPUTM provides essentially the same protective properties as baked-on Fluorinated polymers (such as PVDF coatings), but has two advantages. It's tough. FPUTM cross-links as it cures and therefore produces a mechanically tough surface. It's spray-on. FPUTM cures at ambient temperatures and therefore can be field-applied (and repaired or touched up) with standard painting equipment.

FPUTM coatings are: extremely low in surface energy (non-stick), chemically non-reactive, impermeable to moisture and oxygen, resistant to UV radiation, resistant to petrochemicals, hydrophobic, oleophobic, durable, flexible, resistant to impact and abrasion, and when fully cured, completely non-toxic. These coatings can be applied to ferrous metal, galvanized metal, aluminum, concrete, wood, and fiberglass.

We manufacture a number of formulas that are optimized for special applications. Have a look at our gallery for some examples.