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POL Tank

WC-5 ™. protects the interior of this 300,000 barrel jet fuel tank at a US Navy facility. WC-5 is mandated in Navy Specification NFGS09970 for the floor and sides of above-ground, welded steel, POL tanks. The Navy Research Laboratory estimates that the total life-cycle savings for using fluorinated urethane coatings in place of conventional urethane coatings is $11.4 million and more than $33 million (1993 dollars) for using fluorinated urethane coatings in place of epoxy coatings.
POL Tank

US Coastguard Cutter Tampa

FPU WC-1 ™ Top Coat provides a long-term protective coating for the US Coastguard Cutter Tampa's superstructure (waterline and above). The US Coast Guard selected FPU After extensive testing by the Navy Research Laboratory.
US Coastgard Cutter Tampa

Sydney Casino in Darling Harbour

FPU WC-1 ™ protects this Water Wall, which forms the major esthetic feature of the entrance to the Casino. Its FPU coating resists UV, weathering and moisture so that the this high-impact area retains its attractive color and finish with minimal maintenance.

Glen Island Bridge

Westchester County, New York refurbished this bridge using a WC-2 (H) top coat. The County selected FPU for its soiling resistance, easy cleaning, and exceptional durability, all of which dramatically lower the maintenance cost over the life of the structure.
Bridge Photo

Anti Graffiti

FPU WC-1 (BA) gives a super-slick coating that resists graffiti soiling, making graffiti easy to remove completely, without "shadowing". Because FPU is chemically non-reactive, FPU surfaces withstand solvents and can be cleaned repeatedly without damaging the surface's appearance or its protective properties.
Anti Graffiti Test Images

Jeddah Refinery

FPU WC-2 (H) ™ coats the exterior of this propane tank at the Jeddah Refinery to protect the surface from extreme exposure to UV Radiation, Weathering and abrasion due from airborne sand.
Jeddah Refinery

Jeddah Desalinization Plant

FPU WC-15 (PW) ™ Top Coat over Concrete Sealer and 21cc Epoxy Mastic Primer on this Plant provides a surface that can withstand full immersion in salt water and is suitable for Potable Water.
Jeddah Desalinization Plant


FPU WC-15 (EM) Easy Maintenance is applied to a Windblade in Nevada. FPU WC-15 (EM) ™ is available both as a Top Coat (MARECOAT ™) and as a sacrificial coating (MAREFILM ™) in the form of a coated vinyl or polyurethane tape. Easy-clean MAREFILM makes Windblades essentially self-cleaning. Accumulated bird and insect fouling washes off WC-15's super-slick surface with each rain. WC-15 provides exceptionally long lived surface protection, because it withstands UV Radiation, salt, and airborne sand for long periods without losing its fouling release properties.

Boat Hull

21FRC ™ (Fouling Release Coating) applied to the fiberglass hull of a pleasure boat. FRC forms an extremely low surface energy film to which marine organisms cannot readily attach themselves. In most cases, the surface can be easily cleaned without detergent. Note that FRC is a fouling release coating not an anti-fouling agent; it expels no toxic chemicals into the surrounding water.
Boat Hull with FRC Coating

Sea Mule Barge

The Sea Mule Barge with the below-water-line areas coated with an early prototype of WC-15 (E) ™. The Navy Research Laboratory used the Sea Mule to test how easy the FPU surface was to clean, that is, how effectively FPU prevented marine organisms from attaching themselves its super-slick surface.
Sea Mule Barge with Prototype of WC15 below the Water Line

Sea Water Intake Structure

The Mobil Petrochemical Installation in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. WC-15 ™ provides a concrete water barrier in the difficult climate of the Red Sea.
Sea Water Intake Structure Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Westchester Water Tower

In 1995, Westchester County painted the exterior of this Water Tower with WC-2H ™. In 2002, the county government ordered the Tower's sign changed. The County had anticipated that after 6 years, the whole exterior should be repainted. But on inspection, it turned out that the tank experior (protected by our non-stick, UV resistant coating) was nearly as good as new.
Westchester Closups